Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Isiolo, Meru, Kenya (0)
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Award-winning conservation efforts

Famed for its natural beauty and biodiversity, Lewa Downs is a vital Kenyan wildlife sanctuary. It’s a real showstopper and we’re sure you’ll agree.
This is one of the country’s biggest community conservation success stories, and a model of responsible tourism in Africa. But, don’t just take our word for it: Lewa Downs is also part of the Mount Kenya National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Set in the northern foothills of magnificent Mount Kenya, Lewa Downs has been the Craig family home since the 1920s. More importantly it has been the home and sanctuary for the black rhino since the 1980s. Now, many other forms of rare and endangered wildlife, including Grevy’s zebra, sitatunga and oryx, roam the diverse landscapes, joined by up to 500 elephants at some points during the year.
Lewa Downs’ breathtaking landscape and its importance to African wildlife conservation, make this one of the most popular inclusions on Kenya tours. We’d love to show you around.