Meru National Park, Kenya (0)
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Your bespoke holiday in Meru National Park can uncover some of Kenya’s most distinctive and legendary landscapes. This is the land that inspired the writings of renowned conservationists George and Joy Adamson. The lioness Elsa, that they raised from a cub, was buried here, and the couple’s former home is one of Meru’s most popular attractions.
Located in Kenya’s eastern province, Meru National Park is bounded by three large rivers. Kenya’s longest river, the Tana, is to the south, the Ura lies southwest and the Rojeweru to the east. The park is also crisscrossed by many streams that flow from the nearby Nyambene Hills, running often in parallel with the tongues of lava that flow from the hilly northwest of the park, which is is notable for its fertile volcanic soils.
On your bespoke safari holiday you will pass through the varied landscapes of the Meru National Park, and our guides will help you spot lion, bush elephant, cheetah, leopard and you may even be lucky enough to catch sight of the occasional black rhinoceros.